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Robin Lyons, Author websiteBLOG POST #239: This week, I’m sharing research on a true-crime involving a 54-year-old (at the time) estranged wife.

On a Friday night in January, when a man arrived at his apartment complex, someone shot him five times.

When officers arrived, the man lay in the parking lot, gasping for breath. An officer recorded him identify his wife as the shooter. 

Witnesses described the shooter and the car—both descriptions matched the estranged wife. Later, officers found shell casings at her home matching those at the scene.

Police officers arrested her and charged her with first-degree murder. She blamed her son, said he shot her husband. One month later, the court ruled her mentally unfit for trial.

Almost 18 months later, a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her estranged husband.

Three and a half years after the murder and several continuations, the court sentenced her to life in prison. Her defense remained—her son had committed the crime.

Worth mentioning: The $150,000 life insurance policy designating her as the primary beneficiary may have been her motivation.

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