UNKNOWN EVENT (School Marshal Novel Book 3)

A School Marshal Series mystery/thriller.


“The power of choosing good or evil is within the reach of all.” -Origen

Unknown Event - Book Three

School Marshal Mystery/Thriller Series by Robin Lyons

Mac MacKenna, never married, no children, recently retired from an action-packed, 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force Special Operations unit known as Pararescue, specializing in unconventional rescue and recovery.

Now, as a favor to the police chief, Mac’s posing as a school marshal at Blackstone Academy where the parents are rich and the children—privileged.  Criminal activity at the school has the school board and police department on high alert.

On the first day back from spring break, a Blackstone Academy student is found dead…and then another. Who would murder presumably innocent children for no apparent reason? It’s up to Mac and the Brookfield PD to take down a killer before more students die.

You’ll want to binge on this fast-paced, who-done-it story with twists and turns.

Evil wears many faces.





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Publisher: Singing Dog Media

Release Date: December 18, 2019

Pages: 238