The Worst Kind of Friends


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Robin Lyons, author websiteParents will want to read about these two guys who were the worst kind of friends there could be working in a school setting.

BLOG POST #218: This week, I’m sharing research on two specific crimes involving an Assistant Middle School Principal and a Transportation Manager from the same school district.

Transportation Manager

He worked with children for five years before advancing to managerial positions. By the time of his arrest, he’d been with the school district for thirteen years.

In his off time, the former employee was an active user on social media platforms widely used by sexual predators to hook-up with young people. Unbeknownst to him, he befriended an undercover cop.

The man sent the cop a video of a small child being raped. The location of the IP address was traced, and a search warrant request was sent to a judge.

A spokesperson for the school district said, “No one could believe that this guy we know had that kind of deviant behavior going on.”

The authorities found plenty of damaging evidence in his home, including sexual images and videos of underage children—some included the former transportation manager. His collection of pornography was extensive and perverted.

For three years, the man initiated and fostered a sexual relationship with a local 15-year-old. He took photos of their encounters and shared those with another predator.

A Homeland Security Special Agent said, “The atrocities committed by this child predator that was in a trusted position at a school district cannot be undone.”

He pleaded guilty to enticing and coercing a minor to engage in sexual activity, and to possessing child pornography.

A judge sentenced him to life in federal prison.

Assistant Middle School Principal

The transportation manager and the assistant principal knew each other, worked for the same school district and knew each other shared an interest in having sex with minors.

At the same time, the transportation supervisor was soliciting children on social media platforms, the assistant principal was doing the same thing. In fact, the two men shared highly inappropriate photos they’d taken with themselves and young boys.

Through the investigation of the former transportation manager, electronic conversations and photo sharing between him and the former assistant principal were found.

The former assistant principal had also engaged in a sexual relationship with a local boy. He also targeted former students trying to entice them into a sexual relationship.

Law enforcement arrested the former assistant principal and publicized a request for other victims to come forward.

The HIS Agent in charge said, “Our communities are safer with this deviant child sexual predator behind bars.”

A plea agreement was reached—he pleaded guilty to producing, distributing, and possessing child pornography.

A federal judge sentenced the former assistant principal to 35 years in prison.

Before his arrest, he’d been a teacher for nine years, and an assistant principal for two years.

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Source: U.S. Department of Justice

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