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Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events can be upsetting.

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School violence is so sad and can have a lasting impact on all involved. My heart aches for anyone who has lost a loved one or friend to school violence.

BLOG POST #132: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific criminal case involving two high school boys.

Not My Son

According to one family, their 15-year-old son had been bullied, and they told him to stand up for himself. The other family said their 16-year-old son and only child was not a bully. A female student told her father she witnessed the 15-year-old boy constantly being picked on by the 16-year-old.

It was December, between 12 and 20 students in grades kindergarten through high school were on the school bus headed for school.


There was an argument between the two boys. Something said made the 15-year-old snap. He reached over the bus seat and used a kitchen knife to fatally stab the 16-year-old he felt was bullying him. He had obviously planned to use the knife in some manner or for protection.

And then the 15-year-old jumped out the bus’ emergency door and fled the area.

Deputies found the 15-year-old about four hours later hiding near a pond three miles from where the stabbing had occurred. The boy cooperated and showed the deputies where he’d thrown the knife in some weeds.

Adult Court: Youthful Offender

The boy was initially ordered to stand trial as an adult, but the [state] Court of Criminal Appeals overturned the ruling and said he should be prosecuted as a youthful offender.

He pleaded no contest to killing the classmate and was assigned to a facility where he’d be required to complete a five-step rehabilitation program.

Good Behavior

The [state] Office of Juvenile Affairs was required to relinquish supervision of the youthful offender by his 20th birthday unless he was bridged into an adult prison. After almost five years of incarceration, he was released the day before he turned 20.

Worth Mentioning: While in custody he was charged with two counts of assault and battery for allegedly stabbing another inmate with a pencil and assaulting and threatening to stab and kill a staff member. All charges were later dismissed.

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