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As February, the “love month” comes to an end; I have one more broken heart true-crime case to share with you.

BLOG POST #267: The Jilted Husband

This jilted husband went to extreme lengths to harass his estranged wife, a schoolteacher at a public school district, in hopes she would take him back. The persistent harassment began with texts and emails. His harassment escalated to breaking into her home to place recorders throughout the home, and a motion activated camera in her bedroom.

The husband enlisted the help of multiple men, his sister, and two minors to assist him in cyberstalking his estranged wife. He also impersonated teachers she worked with sending threats using the school email system.

Local law enforcement investigated this case in conjunction with the FBI. While awaiting his trial, he requested to be released, the appeal judge said,

…the defendant’s release would imperil the safety of other. Specifically, the evidence shows a disturbing and escalating pattern of behavior…”

An appeal court document stated his behavior included; violating court orders, history of harming and threatening to harm others, escalating threats of violence, stalking, installing listening devices, intrusion into estranged wife’s home, (a felon) possessing firearms, and abusing mood-altering chemicals…”

The appeal judge went on to say,

The Court is convinced that no level of custody short of imprisonment will reasonably assure the safety of others.”

He later pleaded guilty to cyberstalking. A federal judge sentenced him to 10-years in prison follow with three years of supervised release.

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Source: U.S. District Court, U.S. Attorney’s Office – District of Nebraska

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