The Jilted Husband

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As February, the “love month” comes to an end; I have one more broken heart true-crime case to share with you.

BLOG POST #267: The Jilted Husband

This jilted husband went to extreme lengths to harass his estranged wife, a schoolteacher at a public school district, in hopes she would take him back. The persistent harassment began with texts and emails. His harassment escalated to breaking into her home to place recorders throughout the home, and a motion activated camera in her bedroom. Read More

Predators Are Everywhere

True-crime research, novel writing research, and updates.


If you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship, you can understand how the abuser can manipulate their significant other into doing horrific acts like in the true-crime case summary you’re about to read. Nothing justifies any type of abuse.

BLOG POST #264: Predators Are Everywhere

When you take your children to the mall, to church, to visit a friend in the hospital, your child being sexually abused in the restroom never enters your mind. Read More

Identifying Criminals

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BLOG POST #261: Identifying Criminals

Everyone knows about fingerprint identification and DNA identification; these methods are advancing, making it harder for criminals to get away with crimes.

The massive investigation because of the U.S. Capitol protest last week is being assisted by modern technology to identify those who committed crimes.

Today, I’m sharing an overview of some resources available to law enforcement to help identify criminals. First, some of the crime fighting acronyms… Read More

The Pageant Ruse

Do you have school-age children? You’ll want to read this.



The Pageant Ruse

Parents of school-age children will want to read this. Another method used by a sexual predator to trick children into compliance. Huge props to the mom in this case.

If you’re on Facebook, then you should know what Facebook Marketplace is. If you don’t know, it’s a sales service that connects people who are selling something specific with people in their area who are looking to buy that specific item. Read More

Lover’s Scorn

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ROBIN LYONS, AUTHOR WEBSITEThey met at work and then began a relationship that failed. When the relationship ended, he packed his belongings and moved out. But he also packed a grudge.

BLOG POST #242: Research on a true-crime case involving a 26-year-old man and his ex-girlfriend. Read More