Shooting at the Junior-Senior High School


Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events can be upsetting.


BLOG POST #7: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific criminal case involving gun shots at a junior-senior high school.

The town was described as “a southwestern farming community of about 500 people”. The Junior-Senior High School enrollment was about 180 students when a sophomore wrapped a shotgun in a blanket and carried it to school on the school bus.

Reports indicate the student was questioned by the school bus driver as to what was wrapped in the blanket. The student claimed it was a science project. As classes were about to begin, shots were fired. The first shot went off outside the principal’s office. The second shot blew a 3” hole in the gymnasium door. Nobody was seriously hurt.

According to local news, the responding County Sheriff said rumors circulated the day before that the student threatened other students and that he had a list of those he wanted to kill. The rumors were not taken serious. Read the linked posts about this very topic; a summarized three-part series from an in-depth study of planned or “targeted” school violence conducted by the United States Secret Service in collaboration with the United States Department of Education.

School Violence – Part One

School Violence – Part Two

School Violence – Part Three

You can read the full report here: Prior Knowledge

The student in this case was charged with assault with the intent to commit murder. Prior to a plea agreement the student was to be tried as an adult and may have faced up to 10-years in prison. The student entered a “true” plea to a juvenile charge of aggravated assault, the equivalent to a guilty plea in the adult system. With the crime shifting to juvenile court the student faced the possibility of being held until he was 21.

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