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rl-obsession-fbBLOG POST #75: This week I’ve chosen to share research on a 6th grade, well-liked, married, father of three, middle school teacher with a dark side.

He taught math and science in addition to coaching.

The teacher was a fascination with his own body and his penis size. His fascination became an obsession when he began to surf the internet looking for photos of other penises.

Later his obsession drove him to start video recording boy’s using the urinal in the bathroom at the middle school where he taught. He’d follow boys into the bathroom and then pretend to pick up trash and such while utilizing a ‘spying’ app on his phone that allowed him to secretly record.

The investigation of his home found a hidden camera in his bathroom that recorded children using the bathroom as well as changing clothes. He also confessed to years of exchanging sexually explicit texts and videos with students.

At the sentencing, the judge said, “There is lifelong harm that has been perpetrated by these offenses.”

The former teacher pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and was sentenced to 18-years in federal prison, and lifelong probation upon release. He also forfeited his 5 bedroom, 2 bath home.

Worth mentioning: A parent complained to the middle school principal about this teacher’s behavior. The complaint went unreported to law enforcement.  A month later a friend of one of the victim’s families contacted local authorities, resulting in an investigation. At the time, the law regarding reporting this type of behavior had recently been amended. School officials negligent in reporting these types of crimes were subject to dismissal. The principal resigned. Had the same scenario occurred prior to the amended law the negligence and failure to report would have been a felony.

I thought it was so weird it had to be an isolated incident. Not so. Here’s a similar case you may have missed. I Spy

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