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ROBIN LYONS, AUTHOR, WEBSITEWhile schools were closed due to an abundance of caution with the COVID-19 outbreak, the court system continued to sentenced people for school-related crimes.

This woman thought she’d set herself up for a comfortable retirement life. Not so fast—she received a wake-up call when law enforcement came knocking.

BLOG POST #229: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific crime involving a high school student finance clerk.

She had worked as a student finance clerk for 19 years before she retired. Almost two years after she’d retired, she was indicted on 222 felony embezzlement counts.

The District Attorney said, “Not only did she steal taxpayer funds, she stole money that was intended to help educate the lives of our children.”

After she’d retired, the school district received a late notice for an invoice marked as “paid” in their system. An audit was performed and found more than $700,000 missing.

Through the audit, the school district learned the student finance clerk had writing checks to herself, her husband, and her deceased mother from student body accounts. Students had raised the money in those accounts through fund-raising activities.

She pleaded guilty to all 222 felony counts of misappropriation of money by a public officer with an enhancement of aggravated white-collar crime exceeding $500,000.

The judge sentenced her to 14 years in prison. She’ll be 78 when she’s released.

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