Not Happily Ever After


BLOG POST #274: Not Happily Ever After

Have you ever gone on a dating website or app looking for your happily ever after? I can’t speak from experience other than my son and daughter-in-law met through a dating app and they’re an excellent match. Their love story is evidence that connecting with someone who “on paper” appears to be a good match can work out. The case I’m summarizing in this post is not a happily ever after story.

The victim in this case is a female. The attacker is a male. They met through a dating service and dated for over one year. During the year, the man had been abusive.

One evening, out with friends, the woman’s cell phone battery died. When she arrived home, her daughter told her the boyfriend was there. The boyfriend accused her of cheating on him, punched her, cut her, and threatened to kill her. He forced her into his vehicle and then drove away. The woman’s son called 911.

After some time and as the man appeared calmer, the woman asked him to take her to the hospital to have her wounds treated. She promised she wouldn’t tell the police he had hurt her. He took her to a hospital.

She filed a complaint. Because he had taken the woman to another state the authorities charged him with federal crimes.

Awaiting trial, he tried to convince another incarcerated man to facilitate the murder of his ex-girlfriend. That man told the authorities about the murder plan.

For kidnapping and attempting to silence the victim, a judge sentenced the ex-boyfriend to over 12 years in federal prison where there is no early release. After he has served his sentenced, he’ll be on five years of supervised release.

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Source: U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. District Court

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3 thoughts on “Not Happily Ever After

  1. Carolyn Clifford

    Its so scary now days. you never know if the person on the dating app. isn’t a human trafficker or a mass murder or a very abusive person. After all these years there should be a better way for these apps. to screen people and if people feel its an invasion of privacy then they don’t need to be on the app.

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