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BLOG POST #270: Missing and Gone

Taking advantage of vulnerable people are heartless acts. The two young women below are perfect examples—one missing and the other gone.

Crystal Kipper has been missing since February 24, 1997. After 2:30 am, her car ran out of gas, the 18-year-old parked the car on the shoulder of the Interstate in Kansas City, Missouri. The authorities found her car there with a low battery and the hazard lights flashing.

On June 18, 2002, on a summer break from college, 20-year-old Ali Kemp’s brother went to relieve his sister as the swimming pool attendant at a nearby pool. He couldn’t find his sister. Later, his father found her murdered in the pool’s pump room.

It wasn’t until Ali’s father and community members aided in securing billboards and a sizable reward that the authorities received multiple tips with a common name. The authorities brought the 29-year-old man in for questioning; he confessed to her murder.

Ali’s murderer later recanted his confession and went to trial, where a jury found him guilty of capital murder and attempted rape. The court sentenced him to life in prison with possible parole in 50 years.

During National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in April, Crystal Kipper’s parents and Ali Kemp’s father together annually present individuals or organizations working to protect children from exploitation the Crystal Kipper & Ali Kemp Award. For the next several weeks, I plan to share information on some of the award recipients. It takes a special person to work day after day pursuing those who exploit children.

If you know of a similar award for service, please send me a message or email and give me the details.

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Source: USA District Court, Platte County Missouri Sheriff’s Office, ABC News, Oxygen

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