Math Teacher Goes To Prison


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Robin Lyons BlogBLOG POST #192: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific crime involving a 40-something high school algebra teacher.

To combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation, the U.S. Department of Justice launched Project Safe Childhood in May 2006…. For more information -> Project Safe Childhood

Looking for Pedophiles

An FBI undercover agent posted on a popular messaging app, Kik, frequented by people who have pedophile interests—the app is still in use.

The agent received a response from a man.  They began a conversation about sexual activity with children. The man, later identified as the teacher, sent to his new friend on Kik, an explicit photo of his genitals along with a link to an online storage account containing images of young children being sexually abused.

Through a trace, the FBI located the home where the computer was in use, a residence where the teacher lived with his wife and three children.


A search warrant for the residence was executed. Officers spoke privately with the teacher’s wife. She identified her husband’s genitalia and the bed comforter in the photo that had been shared with the undercover officer online. She also confirmed he frequently used his birth year in his user names and/or passwords as he had in this case.

Through a forensic examination of his phone, officials found the link to the storage account he’d shared with the undercover officer and links to more than 400 images of sexually abused children. The teacher was arrested.

One More Off The Internet

The school immediately placed him on administrative leave and prohibited him from school grounds until the investigation was completed.

The FBI Special Agent in Charge said, “This case is even more egregious having been committed by someone who was in a position of authority.”

He remained in custody for three months at which time he pleaded guilty to transporting images depicting child sexual abuse over the internet.

After six months in custody, the court sentenced him to seven years and six months in federal prison. After released, he’ll serve a 15-year term of supervised release and be required to register as a sex offender.

One of his students said,  “That’s so disgusting. It’s honestly disgusting. It’s really disappointing adults in our society are doing that.” 

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