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ROBIN LYONS, AUTHOR WEBSITEThey met at work and then began a relationship that failed. When the relationship ended, he packed his belongings and moved out. But he also packed a grudge.

BLOG POST #242: Research on a true-crime case involving a 26-year-old man and his ex-girlfriend.

They worked at an insurance brokerage and dated for about six-months before they moved in together. Less than six-months after moving in together, she broke up with him. Nothing good can result from a scorned lover who seeks retribution.

They continued to work together for a period which gave him access to her clients’ accounts. He used company letterhead and the company fax machine to send cancellation notices to her clients. He hacked into her account and changed personal information, which resulted in her own health insurance being cancelled.

He accessed her personal email account and changed the password, locking her out. After accessing her social media profiles he added the word “whore” to her name.

Using a proxy server (hides the true location of an IP address), he attempted to access her bank accounts. The bank had better protocols in place to prevent unauthorized access.

The online harassment went on for close to one year. At one point he filed a petition for a protective order claiming she had physically abused him—showing threatening texts between his phone and a spoofed phone number he used to make it look like she’d sent the texts.

He continued to pursue the restraining order path of retaliation which resulted in her being arrested. She spent four nights in jail.

Growing bolder, he sent a text message from the spoofed phone number to her that said, “Prepare yourself for what’s coming… the last 3 months were just the beginning. I have bigger plans for you.”

His ruse fell apart when the authorities asked for access to his phone so they could download the content for his case. He refused.

The authorities began an investigation into him. They obtained records showing the texting history of the reported engagement between him and his ex-girlfriend.

Once the FBI learned the truth, they arrested the ex-boyfriend. He later pleaded guilty to cyber-stalking and intentional damage to a protected computer.

A federal judge sentenced him to four years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

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Source: U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. District Court

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