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ROBIN LYONS, AUTHOR, WEBSITEBLOG POST #233: This week, I’m sharing research on a fugitive who has been on the FBI’s Most Wanted List since June 2002.

As always, everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

On the attached FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives flyer, it states Robert William Fisher allegedly killed his wife and two children—a 12-year-old daughter and 10 year-old-son.

He’s a U.S. Navy veteran and has worked as a respiratory therapist among other public service type jobs. Take a look at the flyer, it seems since the world is battling a respiratory disease, he may be working somewhere in that capacity.

He and his wife had been married fourteen years at the time of this tragedy.

A few years before the tragedy, the couple sought marital counseling through their church. Fisher had control issues similar to his father’s, which led to his parent’s divorce. His parents’ divorce during his teenage years triggered a debilitating fear of losing people close to him.

About three years into marital counseling and a few weeks before her death, his wife reportedly told friends she planned to divorce Fisher.

Neighbors reported hearing the couple arguing late one night. The following morning their home exploded with enough force to shake homes one-half mile away.

Law enforcement theorizes that Fisher murdered his family, tampered with the gas line, lit a candle giving him about a ten-hour head start. Once firefighters extinguished the flames, the bodies of his wife and children were found. His wife had been shot, and the children’s’ throats were slashed.

Fisher is the only person charged in this case. Ten days after the home exploded, investigators found his wife’s vehicle parked in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest, along with the family dog.

There are many caves and places to hide in the Tonto National Forest. Some speculate that Fisher may have hidden in a cave and accidentally died. The caves are dark and can be deep with limited oxygen. Plus the decomposing plant matter creates carbon monoxide which hinders the lungs ability to absorb oxygen. Rappelling gear is needed, but if you were on the run and fell into the dark abyss, your remains, by now, would be buried under years of debris.

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Source: FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, azcentral.com, azfamily.com

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