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ROBIN LYONS, AUTHORIn March 1950, the FBI established their most wanted list. The fugitive in this case summary is the oldest person on the FBI Most Wanted list and the 523rd addition.

BLOG POST #244: This week, I’m sharing research on a true-crime involving a messy divorce and a man on the run.

Divorce can get messy. Even more so when there are children involved as were the circumstances in this case.

Filing for an order of protection against her estranged husband appears to have been the event that triggered an emotion that led a 73-year-old father-in-law to shoot and kill the mother of his grandchildren.

On the fateful morning in 2012, after she walked her two teenaged children to the school bus and returned to her home, the man alleged to be her father-in-law, fatally shot her three times with a shotgun.

Before fleeing to a nearby wooded area, he knocked on a neighbor’s door, gave him $5,000 and asked him to pay his daughter-in-law’s taxes. The neighbor reported he looked red-faced, sweaty, and out of breath.

Local law enforcement found his abandoned truck at a state park. Military helicopters equipped with thermal imaging cameras joined the search. Bloodhounds tracked his scent to a road in the park.

Because they suspected he left the area, the local police ask the FBI to assist with the investigation and man-hunt.

He’s been on the run since 2012. Here’s the FBI Most Wanted Flyer with the fugitive’s pertinent information. The FBI will look into all tips regarding this case. FBI Most Wanted #523

After a lengthy custody battle between the children’s father and their mother’s parents, the father won custody of his children.

The father-in-law is believed to be alive until proven otherwise. A court ruled his grandchildren are entitled to their grandfather’s assets because there is a “fair preponderance of credible evidence” showing he killed their mother. The judge awarded the children more than $2 million.

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