Elementary School Drug Ring


Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events can be upsetting.

When students are involved in crimes, information is often protected. Most often the court documents are sealed.

Because the students, in this case, were so young, the case documents are protected. And because they were so young, I felt it was worth sharing.

I’m sure most people can’t fathom elementary students would be involved with drugs. Sadly, it happens in all socioeconomic groups.

BLOG POST #150: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific criminal case involving middle school and elementary school students.

Tipped Off

A resource officer at a middle school received a tip about illegal drug activity.

At the middle school, student-teachers ratios were 23:1 and the school still offered elective classes many schools nation-wide had since dropped due to budget constraints.

Forbes magazine rated the city where the schools are located as No. 2 in the Best Places for Business and Careers category and was ranked as one of the Best Small and Medium-Size Cities for Jobs.

The resource officer notified local authorities. An investigation began and resulted in the arrest of a 14-year-old middle school student on suspicion of felony drug distribution and 150 child endangerment counts.

False Belief

The teen had set-up a business where he paid eight sixth-grade elementary students to buy drugs for him from a drug house near the school. The sixth-graders then brought the drugs back to the teen who would distribute the drugs.

According to police, the teen believed if the younger kids were caught purchasing drugs the penalty would be less than if he were caught.

The Investigating Police Lieutenant said, “Basically, this is Organized Crime on an elementary level.”

The elementary students, all about 11-years-old, were paid in kind—free high on marijuana and spice.


The schools suspended all students involved in the drug ring. And those students were required to attend drug prevention programs with their families.

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