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BLOG POST #227: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific crime involving two high school students, both 18-years-old.

Someone notified the high school about alarming posts on social media. The boys had posted photographs of them with guns and one with them wearing their ‘murderous coveralls.’ They wanted to re-enact the Columbine Massacre at their school.

The school reported the concerning posts to the local authorities who took the threats seriously and investigated. Officers arrested both boys after a thorough search of the teens’ homes.

The primary suspect admitted to having a fascination with death, murder, and serial killers. He’d written a song about killing people. He’d also revealed that every day, he thinks about hurting people—he self-medicates to resist the urge.

At one boy’s home, officers also found a thumb drive with photos from real homicides and manuals on how to make bombs and explosives.

The second boy had notebooks filled with references about death and killing people. The investigating officer described the contents as “very dark.”

The court charged one boy with 2nd-degree inducing panic, and the other with 2nd-degree complicity to inducing panic. At this point, they’d been in jail for close to one month.

More than four months after their arrest, the main boy accused pleaded guilty to the charge of 2nd-degree inducing panic. The court sentenced him to four years in prison.

The other teen who participated in posting the threat pleaded guilty to 5th-degree inducing panic. The court sentenced him to five years of intensive supervised probation and a $1.000 fine.

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My heartfelt thank you goes to all who work in the medical field. Without our healthcare professionals, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, we’d literally self-destruct.

I send my sincere wellness wishes to you and your loved ones. Be safe.

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Source: Ironton Tribune, Herald Dispatch, CBS 13 WOWK, NBC 3 WSAZ

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