Disturbing Middle School Principal


Posts about real school tragedy, crime, and/or events can be upsetting.

If you have a daughter in middle school, this post will be of particular interest to you.

BLOG POST #210: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific crime involving a middle school principal.

He’d been with the school district for ten years. First, hired as an elementary teacher, and then quickly moved up in ranks to assistant principal. Eight of his ten years were in school administration.

The victim was his 11-year-old second cousin. She texted him using her mother’s cell phone and invited him to her pregnant, mother’s baby gender reveal party.

After the party invitation, he began sending her explicit text messages. The girl asked if he knew who he was communicating with, to which he replied, yes.

He asked if he could go to her home and lay next to her. He asked what her needs were. He asked if he could sleep with her and told her when a man sleeps, things happen that shouldn’t, especially with young girls. He asked her if her mother had seen the messages and if she knew how to delete them.

As the messages became more graphic, the girl became frightened and showed her mother, who then discussed the messages with another relative. When he was confronted, he said his phone had been hacked. The mother contacted the police.

The police arrested him and charged him with online solicitation of a minor. Soon after his arrest, the school board voted to terminate his employment.

His hard-earned teacher and principal certificates have been revoked, and he’s currently serving a seven-year prison sentence.

Worth mentioning: Between 2011-2016, in the state where this crime occurred, there were almost 900 cases investigated regarding inappropriate relationships between educators and students. In one state!

A spokesperson for the state Education Agency said, “As social media has become more “prevalent” in society, it has acted as a catalyst for inappropriate relationships in recent years.”

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Source: Austin American Statesman, The Courier of Montgomery County, San Antonio Express News, Teacher Education Agency, Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice

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