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Robin Lyons BlogHave you checked your teenager’s cell phone photos recently? You might want to take a peek. Nude photographs of underage girls were plentiful and readily available for this high school principal.

BLOG POST #161: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific criminal case involving a high school principal.

The married, father of three had been the high school principal for three years. Before advancing to the principal, he’d worked as a high school teacher.


His downfall began when a former student learned nude photos she had taken for her boyfriend while in high school were on the internet. She went to the authorities.

Authorities determined the IP address of the device used to upload images to the website matched an account registered to the principal.

Parents must be able to place their trust in educators to provide a safe learning environment for our kids,” the United States Attorney said.

Forensic Review

A forensic review found more than 400 images and 11 videos he had been trading online for over ten years. He’d regularly confiscate student’s cell phones and then upload nude photos to a thumb drive.


He pleaded guilty to federal charges—transporting and possessing child pornography. Also charged with more than 60 state child porn counts—the outcome for the state charges has not yet been determined.

The court sentenced the former high school principal to nine years in federal prison. Upon release, he must serve 10 years of supervised release and register as a sex offender.

Worth Mentioning: One month before the principal was arrested, a middle school girls’ basketball coach in the same school district was arrested for inappropriate conduct with a 14-year-old student. He took a female player into the boys’ locker room alone and committed an act against her. He resigned and later pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and was sentenced to probation with conditions for 12 months.

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