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Robin Lyons BlogBLOG POST #203: This week, I’m sharing research on a criminal case involving a school district human resources director.

Whether a person works for a school district or elsewhere—if they enjoy seeing children abused sexually, eventually, they’ll get caught and be arrested.

Child pornography is illegal. When it’s a school district employee who’s caught, that makes the crime even more despicable.

The 30-something man had worked for the school district for sixteen years. He began as a school teacher, then an assistant principal, and a middle school principal, but held the position of Human Resources Director at the time of his arrest.

Abuse of Power

After a two-year sexual relationship, the victim went to the police with the allegations.

The victim said when he was a student of the former principal, they were engaging in sex acts. The man had acted like he wanted to be the victim’s friend. (also known as grooming)

Disturbing Evidence

Search warrants were executed, officers garnered plenty of evidence, and he was arrested. Officers found obscene materials depicting minors engaged in masochistic abuse, sexual intercourse, and other equally disturbing acts.

Close to one year after his arrest, he pleaded guilty to one count of enticing a minor and one count possessing child pornography.

Judgment Day

At the sentencing, the Federal judge said, “To think we put a predator of this danger with our children is hard to take.”

The U.S. District Court Judge sentenced him to 365 months (30+ years) in prison, and when paroled, he must register as a sex offender and will be on supervised probation for life. He is prohibited from ever having unsupervised contact with a child under 18 and never allowed to work with children under 18.

Project Safe Childhood is working overtime to capture sexual predators.

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Source: Department of Justice – Northern District of Alabama, Alabama Media Group, Tribune Interactive

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