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BLOG POST #262: At Gunpoint

It’s early in the morning, when most people are still asleep. You’re at an intersection waiting for the traffic light to turn green when suddenly the car approaching from behind runs into your vehicle. What do you do? Almost everyone would get out of their vehicle and exchange insurance information—big mistake.

The man and woman in this case intentionally rear-ended people. And then at gunpoint, they’d take their vehicle.

In one crime, the man told the two victims to run into a field. When they took off running, he fired a shot into the air and yelled, “Faster.” Hours later, the police saw the stolen vehicle. A chase ensued and then he fled on foot, running into a field before they apprehended him.

While in lockup, he made calls to the female in the case, giving her instructions where he had tossed his gun so she could get it before the police did. The police found the weapon exactly where he had said it was on the recorded phone calls.

The police also arrested the female as an accomplice in the carjacking crime. Hoping to reduce her sentence, she told the police about another carjacking. After using the same read-end accident to get the driver out of his vehicle, her male partner (not the same man in the previous case), beat the victim before robbing him and stealing his car. (I don’t have information on the man in this case – if indeed it is a different man)

A judge sentenced the male from the first carjacking to 15+ years in prison with three years of supervised release. The same judge sentenced the female in both cases to 2 years in prison with three years of supervised release. Both criminals were also ordered to pay victim restitution and special assessments.

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Source: U.S. Department of Justice

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2 thoughts on “At Gunpoint

  1. Carolyn Clifford

    Sadly , in todays world he would never get 15 years he didn’t kill anyone. I agree some what with the female reduced sentence for giving up the other man ,but she is obviously very guilty for helping both men.In todays world they probably be running lose til trail which could take years.

    • Robin Lyons

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Carolyn. It also seems to depend on the state where the crimes were committed. There’s a wide range of penalties between states.

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