A Teacher’s Meticulously Designed But Reprehensible Scrapbooks


Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events can be upsetting.

Robin Lyons BlogBLOG POST #183: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific crime involving an eighth-grade middle school teacher.

If you’ve read some of my posts, you’ll know I feel school administrators often drop the ball when it comes to disciplining their staff. In this case, I applaud the school administrator’s swift actions.

Risky Business

He’d been a teacher for more than 25 years. Four years with the middle school.

A staff member charged with monitoring video surveillance on the school grounds alerted the school administrator when they’d seen the teacher—on a few occasions—pull a black bag out of his desk and then cover the camera in his empty classroom. Unfortunately for the staff member, the audio continued. Without a visual, it was still apparent the teacher relieved himself sexually.

The administrator investigated and found in the black bag two small 4” x 6” scrapbooks. In the meticulously designed pages of the scrapbooks were photos of nude and partially nude children with teacher-student sexual fantasy captions under the photos. Local authorities were called to the school.

Go Directly To Jail

Law enforcement arrested the teacher who later pleaded no contest to four federal counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and three class A misdemeanors of accessing pornographic material on school property.

At the sentencing, the teacher pleaded for a reduced sentence based on the diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome he’d received while in jail awaiting sentencing.

His attorney reasoned the diagnosis explained why he’d resorted to sexual activity for releasing social anxiety.

This represents serious, reprehensible conduct,” said the District Judge at the sentencing hearing.

The judge sentenced the ex-middle school teacher to between one and 15 years in prison for each of the four federal charges, to be served concurrently. Plus the judge gave him credit for time already served for the three misdemeanor counts—over one year.

His release will be in the hands of a parole board.

Not The End

His attorney plans to file an appeal relative to the definition of child pornography in the state. Arguing some of the nude photos were from art books, design books, photography books—not considered pornographic outside of the scrapbook. And no children were sexually abused or exploited in any way.

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