A Sexual ‘Hit List’ At The High School


Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events can be upsetting.

Thank you for spending a few minutes to read my research. I hope as you’ve been reading about these cases your awareness and vigilance is becoming heightened.

If one nugget of information causes someone to question a behavior, then my time sharing these cases has been well spent. If you do become aware of someone at a school you think may be a danger to someone else, NEVER try to handle the situation yourself – REPORT your suspicions to school administration or law enforcement.

BLOG POST #118: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific criminal case involving high school students.

Not A Merry Christmas

Just before Christmas one year, two high school boys were arrested and charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct against a 15-year-old female classmate. Another boy was also charged, but due to his age, the case was handled in juvenile court with sealed records.

The state law says anyone under age 16 cannot consent to sexual activity.

Third-degree criminal sexual conduct is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Well Groomed

The grandmother of the 15-year-old student sexually assaulted believes the boys groomed her granddaughter and planned the sexual assault.

The female victim said in her written statement the boys repeatedly complimented her leading up to the crime.

Party Time

The day of the crime, the boys lured the 15-year-old student away from her track practice, gave her alcohol, and then drove her to one boy’s home where they raped her and took pictures of the assault.

Police said they were unable to confirm the photograph’s existence because they could not bypass the boy’s phone’s password encryption.

Both defendants admitted to police they knew what they were doing was wrong because the girl was 15 and drunk.

Done Deal

One teen pleaded guilty to three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct of a victim between 13 and 15. The other teen entered a plea to one count for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl at his home. The second teen also pleaded guilty to giving alcohol to the girl, which is a misdemeanor.

A relative of the victim said, “We expected school would be a safe zone we had no idea she would be in a danger or would be in any kind of risk there.”

Sympathetic Judge

At the time of the crime, both boys were 17, and had clean records, the judge sentenced the boys to one year in county jail and three years of probation. And, because they were sentenced under a Youthful Trainee Act, if they don’t re-offend, their records will be wiped clean when they’re off probation.

Who’s The Victim?

The boys were not allowed on school property, were not allowed to attend prom, and did not walk with their graduating class at commencement.

The victim’s grandmother said her granddaughter experienced extreme bullying at school because the defendants were popular. She also said school officials were aware of the boys’ reputation, which included a ‘hit list’ of freshmen girls they wanted to target.

For helpful information on how to address bullying visit the StopBullying.gov website.

Worth mentioning: One prosecutor blasted a Circuit Court judge for his refusal to order the two high school boys be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The judge said the time limits for testing had expired. The tests should have been done within 48 hours of the defendants’ indictment.

Here’s my ‘Take Away’ in this case: When an upper-class boy shows interest in a freshman girl—parents need to thoroughly and openly question the boy’s intentions. Don’t be dissuaded because your daughter’s horrified or humiliated by your inquisitiveness. If the boy’s intentions are honorable, he’ll stick around. If his intentions are unscrupulous, he’ll move on to another less challenging target.

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Thanks for reading and caring about children!


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